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Jane is a captain on the Airbus 340 - the first woman pilot in South Africa to command long-range
international flights. It is a long way from the two-seater aircraft she learnt to fly in 1982! 
Jane joined her airline in 1988, aged 23, into a somewhat sceptical male environment. 
Although her experiences have come as a female pilot, what she learnt has relevance
and meaning for all of us in this transforming world.  
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As a motivational speaker, Jane's presentations address how personal power overcomes life challenges
and is the key to new-generation leadership. They are practical, inspirational and thought-provoking:

"From Flying Low to Flying High with Personal Power": Find your power within
"Be the Captain Speaking": Communicate with Power

"Leadership Lessons from the Flight Deck": To succeed as leaders, women must develop their own style....
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Jane is based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

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