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About Jane

Jane is the first woman pilot in South Africa  to command a wide-body airliner. She started flying in Cape Town in 1982, earned her commercial pilot's licence, then gained experience flying in SWA-Namibia during the "Bush War".

Jane joined her airline in 1988, aged 23, into a somewhat sceptical male environment. She had many proud moments with female firsts in South African aviation, but also made mistakes negotiating her way as a woman in a man's world.

She had to learn for herself how to overcome the challenges, even though as she advanced in her career, they grew with her! 
As a speaker, she shares what she learnt from her experiences, with meaning for everyone in this transforming world.

Professional Milestones:

Jane in the cockpit of the B747-400


First female pilot in SA qualified to fly the Boeing 747-400

All-female crew; l-r Jolyn, Ntombi, Emma, Jane, Bessie, Merel


B737 captain. Commander of first SA all-female Boeing crew

L-R: Jolyn Visser, Ntombi Hewu, Emma Nel, Jane, Bessie Nkwe, F/O Merel van der Merwe

Mentorship program launch: l-r Wayne Westoby, Dr Bongani Khumalo, Jane, Eric Manentsa

2002 – 2005:

Developer and Chair, Pilot's Association Mentorship Programme

L-R: Wayne Westoby,
Dr Bongani Khumalo (former Transnet chair), Jane, Eric Manentsa

Jane with an Airbus 340 in the background, down in the technical area


A340 captain. First woman pilot in SA to command long-range international flights



For other momentous events in Jane's career, you will have to hear her speak!




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